Microsoft, what were you thinking?


Chris Griffith tests out Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop has caused outrage online. Picture: Microsoft via AP

MICROSOFT’S new Surface laptop was revealed in a New York press conference, but the aftermath has not been what the company expected.

The Sun reports Microsoft confirmed that its bringing out a 13.5 inch laptop in four colours, including platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold.

But there’s one very strange addition to the new luxury laptops – and it’s dividing opinion on the web.

It comes with a furry-looking keyboard, which is made up of a material more typically seen in steering wheels from the 1980s.

The inside of the new Surface will be covered in Alcantara suede, which is known to get seriously grubby.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a car with suede interiors will know it’s insanely expensive, near impossible to clean and takes on the appearance of a filthy sandbox.

Aside from the suede feature, the laptop appears quite similar to a Macbook or Chromebook.

This story first appeared on The Sun.

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