Man wins tug of war against shark


Beachgoers at Dana Point, California, were told to steer clear of the waters after a group of great white sharks were spotted in the area on May 10. KTLA reported that a shark advisory warning had been issued in Long Beach on Wednesday. This drone footage shows the animals swimming near Dana Point?s Capistrano Beach. Credit: William Steele via Storyful

What a head.

AUSTRALIA, behold the most frightening game of tug of war, and possibly the most Aussie fisherman there is.

Chilling footage, recently uploaded online by South Australia man Nic Wilks, shows a very gutsy fisherman trying to retain his fishing net from a great white shark.

The great white appeared alongside Nic and his father’s boat as they were fishing off the coast of Port Pirie, north of Adelaide.

It clearly just wanted to play a friendly game of tug of war.

Aussie fisherman wrestles fishing net off shark

Aussie fisherman wrestles fishing net off sharkSource:Instagram

Instead of letting the shark win, Mr Wilks held onto the net and continued to wrestle it off the beast.

The fearless fisherman was even brave enough to grab the shark by the nose and push it back into the water.

Who’s a good little shark?

Who’s a good little shark?Source:Instagram

When the net is finally freed from the shark’s jaw, Mr Wilks can be heard saying “You f*****g idiot. F**k off!”

Even though the shark appears to have blood on its nose and in its mouth, Nic alerted his Instagram followers that his “dad loves sharks, it was all a good laugh, the shark was not hurt at all, thanks.”

And now Nic’s dad can boast about the time he won a game of tug of war against a great white shark. That story will never get old.

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