Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Offers $38 Worth of Android Platformers


The team over at Humble Bundle has just announced their latest mobile bundle and this one focuses on Epic Platformers for Android. As with most bundles these days, there are three tiers to their latest offering with each one unlocking even more games that you can play. The tier prices this time around are $1 for the lowest, $5 for the highest and then a beat the average price that is currently at $4.81 as of writing this article.

The $1 tier comes with three different games, with two of them being from Noodlecake Studios. This includes Devious Dungeon, the sequel to that (Devious Dungeon 2) and then Eggggg – The Platform Puker which is from the developer studio Hyper Games. These three games cost between $2 to $3 in the Play Store right now, but all three can be had for only $1 with this bundle. The beat the average tier comes with 3 games too, but more will be announced in about 6 days.

Currently, this tier includes Gunbrick from Nitrome (which normally costs $3), RunGunJumpGun from ThirtyThree (which also costs $3 in the Play Store), and RETSNOM from SOMI (which again costs $3 right now). As mentioned, the beat the average price at this time is $4.81, so this tier will get you $19 worth of games (since you get the first tier as well) for less than $5. The final tier in this bundle will cost you a flat $5, and this includes another three games.

The $5 or more tier comes with Never Alone: Ki Edition from E-Line Media, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons from Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games, and finally LIMBO from Playdead. Also, if you pay $1 or more, you get the 10% off Humble Monthly bonus and if you pay $5+ then you get the Never Alone Soundtrack. Proceeds from this bundle can be put toward the EFF and Child’s Play Charity and you get to designate how much of your money goes towards these charities, the Humble Bundle project, and the developers themselves.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle

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