Chainfire details changes to the Google Pixel/Pixel XL’s Bootloader with the May 2017 Security Update


Users flashing the latest May security update on their Google Pixel or Pixel XL have been finding that root access was no longer functioning. The reason for this, as XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire has uncovered, is due to the fact the the bootloader included in the May 2017 security update no longer accepts flashing unsigned boot images.

Google appears to be using Android Verified Boot (AVB) to verify that boot images are signed before flashing, but the boot image does not need to be signed using an OEM key and can instead by signed using a custom key. Chainfire has detailed steps for developers to generate your own custom signing keys and then sign the image so your users on the Pixel and Pixel XL with the May security update can again enjoy root access.

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