22 More Live TV channels in Reliance Jio – JioTV app

22 More Live TV channels in Reliance Jio - JioTV app

Reliance Jio has been betting big on the content space ever since its inception and the company has standalone apps for each and every service. For example, the company is offering live TV service via JioTV and movie streaming service via JioCinema, music streaming via JioMusic, and so on.

22 More Live TV channels in Reliance Jio - JioTV app
22 More Live TV channels in Reliance Jio – JioTV app

We’ve always said that JioTV has the best in its segment since it offers more live TV channels than anyone else’s services. Last month, we reported that JioTV has a total of 432 channels more than any other live TV service provider thereby turning the app into a portable set-top box for mobile phone users.

And now, the channel count has increased to 454 as the company adds 22 channels across various categories. Jio is looking to improve the channel list in every aspect possible and especially the news segment. The company has added ten new news channels taking the total news channel count to 149. Other notable channel additions are in the movies and infotainment category.

As of now, the category-wise channel list is as follows – 8 business news channels, 33 devotional channels, 102 entertainment channels, 31 infotainment channels, 23 kids Channels,12 lifestyle channels, 41 movie channels, 35 music channels,149 news channels, and 20 sports channels.

As far as languages are concerned, Jio has added a new French channel as well to make the application global. Currently, JioTv offers content in 16 languages, but most of the content is being provided in Hindi itself as there are a total of 154 Hindi channels.

Following Hindi is English with 66 channels, Telugu (50), Tamil (46), etc. Looking at the content offered by JioTV, it’s clearly the best application in the country. While other network providers such as the Vodafone and Idea are offering live TV services with Vodafone Play and Idea Movie Club, the amount of content present on them is far too lower than what Jio is offering. It could take another year for them to catch with the new entrant.

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