10 Beautiful Photos That Use Negative Space (That Were Taken With a Smartphone)


The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is negative space. The photos in this week’s selection illustrate beautifully how, you can create stunning images simply by using s simple background to frame your photo with a minimal composition.

From Mariusz Majewski’s clever use of a blank wall which frames a passing pedestrian at exactly the right moment that a bird flew past to George Koutsouvelis’s silhouetted, black and white figure. All photo’s in this week show how you can use the negative space that surround your subject to frame it and, if anything, makes it stand out more and create a stronger composition.

Featured artists this week include: Mariusz Majewski, geek1956, rkulakowski, George Koutsouvelis, Laurence Bouchard, Tremeral, agospavelsky, en_talia, Mtktz and Pudingdemon.

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It might be holy spirit

It might be holy spirit‘ by Mariusz Majewski – “I took it with my iPhone 6s+ in Porto, Portugal near Capela Das Almas – it is a very popular spot among tourists due to the beautiful blue tiles covering the wall of the chapel. Most of people take photos of the chapel but it was a white wall of the metro station which is next to the chapel that draw my attention. It is the complete opposite to the richness of the chapel walls. So I chose a place and waited a bit for someone to come into my frame. And then I saw that old man in black slowly walking in the direction of the metro. He was a perfect addition to minimalist white wall. When he was closed enough I press the button in my phone for the burst mode to choose the best frame later. How much I was surprised to discover that in the same moment a dove was flying in the opposite direction. And I caught it exactly above the head of the old man. That was magic.

The picture was processed in SKRWT where I straighten the perspective, than I used Lightroom Mobile for some exposure adjustments and finally I gave the finishing touches in VSCO app.”

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House‘ by geek1956 – “The Sydney Opera House just before sunrise is one of my favourite locations to photograph with my iPhone.  This particular shot was taken using the Hipstamatic camera app John S lens with the Blackeys Blacka and white film combo. This combo is particularly effective for low light conditions and I like its rugged vignette. “

Black point

Black point‘ by rkulakowski – “I was in Cracow for a Mobile PhotoTrip with friends where we visited ICE, Krakow. It’s a big conference center in the city. It has a beautiful white interior and I tried to capture this huge space with a little spot (in that case human) in a different color. That’s it. I take this photo with Huawei P9 Lite and I only did some edit in light, increase it. “

Stadiou Avenue

Stadiou Avenue‘ by George Koutsouvelis – “I was walking down the Stadiou Avenue (one of the main down town avenues of Athens) and I saw this man with that weird hat. To me, he looked like as a magician from the Harry Potter’s tales. I couldn’t resist taking this shot! Fortunately the light was in front of me which helped to photograph his silhouette. In my opinion this adds a touch of mystery to the photo.

The picture was taken with Hipstamatic classic camera with John S + Blackeys Supergrain combo. No further editing. “


Untitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “This was shot outside Tatsuo Miyajima’s ‘Counter Void’ installation in Roppongi.  It was re-lit for 3 nights to remember the 3/11 earthquake in Japan. I was really hoping it would rain so I could get some silhouette umbrella shots. The first 2 nights it didn’t rain & the forecast for the 3rd night was dry.  I’d just got out of the bath on the 3rd night at 10pm when it started to rain heavily so I got dressed and cycled there as fast as possible. This was the only umbrella shot I was able to get before they switched the installation off at midnight. I then increased the contrast in Snapseed.”


Untitled‘ by Tremeral

Czerwony punkt

Czerwony punkt‘ by agospavelsky

Pamiątka z Poznania

Pamiątka z Poznania‘ by en_talia


Grace‘ by Mtktz

There is someone…

There is someone…‘ by Pudingdemon

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