5 Great iOS Games Brand New or Free for a Limited Time


Due to the increasing number of available titles, and their ease of access on our smartphones, mobile gaming has become a past-time for millions of iPhone and Android users, especially those looking to kick back, relax, and delve into immersive new titles or classic addictions, alike. But with so many offerings to choose from, it can be hard to find a game that truly “suits you,” and your budget; which is why we’ve combed the Apple App Store this week in search of the latest and greatest new releases, and the tried-and-true classics that have been discounted for a limited time. Check out the awesome assortment of options below, and get ready to get your game on this weekend.

Originally released for PC back in 1999, the uber-popular role playing game (RPG), Planescape: Torment, has officially made its way onto the iOS App Store. Set amongst the backdrop of the notorious Dungeons & Dragons universe, this combat-style RPG boasts a familiar yet re-envisioned mode of gameplay. As you make your way through the graphically intense city of Sigil, you’ll have to explore various planes, solve increasingly complex puzzles, and engage in tactical combat with a host of adversaries. Featuring over 50 hours of game-play, Planescape: Torment is the perfect new addition to your collection of iOS-based RPGs, and can be downloaded now from the App Store for just $9.99

There are a myriad of Labyrinth-style games available — but only one has been made available to download for FREE! For a limited time, head on over to the Apple App Store and get your gratis copy of this addictive, classic-style puzzle game. As you tilt your iPhone or iPad in various orientations to steer the onscreen ball, you’ll have to be careful to avoid the plethora of holes that are scattered methodically about your path. Boasting over 50 unique puzzles, The Labyrinth is an easy, casual game that’s sure to keep your hands and mind busy for hours on end.

Blast off into the intergalactic unknown in this addicting, combat-style space shooter game. As you traverse the galaxy in search of valuable resources, you’ll engage in ac number of increasingly challenging battles, take control of new spaceships, and equip yourself with the weapons your need to fight off the forces against you. Boasting 10 exciting ships to choose from, you’ll get lost in the stratosphere when you realize how fun it is to fight off your adversaries in outer space. Just released on the Apple App Store, you can download Broadside now for just $1.99.

Recipient of the ‘Pocketgamer Gold Award’ for its “amazing aesthetics and perfect controls,” Hyperburner is a graphically immersive, high-speed flier game that will take you on a star-studded journey through the great beyond. Featuring six unique zones, boasting five challenging stages apiece, your goal is to navigate your ship through an increasingly intense and dangerous course — avoiding objects and unlocking achievements as you go. This week, Hyperburner is another paid app gone FREE, and can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store.

Flip your world upside-down, quite literally, when you play Mallow Drops — the equally fun and addicting new puzzle game for iOS. As you move and slide your way through over 100 increasingly tricky levels, you’ll have to collect all the lost eggs belonging to the kiwi birds who entrust you to recover them. Immersive as it may be, Mallow Drops isn’t all “fun and games,” though: you’ll also have to be on the lookout for pesky characters, including “Wooly Jumpers,” “Dirty Underbears,” and fatal “Dropbears,” who will persistently attempt to thwart you in your path to save the day. New this week on the Apple App Store, Mallow Drops can be downloaded now for just $2.99.


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